Paul J Lane's Masterclass for Film Acting will be held on Saturday

29th May 2021 from 12 until 5pm in Camden London at the Etcetera Theatre.


This is a Covid compliant event with 20 spaces available.


In advance, each attendee will be given a scripted scene from Paul's future Indie Film Rocket Original release "Wanting" in order to prepare for the day of learning and performing. 

The event will be filmed and each scene will be supplied to all participants shortly afterwards for reference. 

Detailed learning text will also be supplied beforehand so each actor/actress can apply new ideas and techniques from Pauls Award Winning skill-set on the day. 

Additional film actor coaches will be on hand to help with the event along with his tried and trusted camera crew. 

Official Poster Wanting 2021.jpg

Beginners and Advanced actors and actresses are most welcome to attend.


The learning room is a 40 seater theatre with projector screen for informative video examples and slides which will be used on the day.

To attend this exciting day of feature film expertise, each ticket is valuably priced at £65.00 


To purchase your ticket, click on the indie film rocket shop link via the logo pictured below.  

paul j lane learning room.jpg

The learning room at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden.