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Personal 121's with Paul J Lane


Online or after Masterclasses in Camden for additional Film / Life Coaching & Mentoring

(NVQ Qualified & CPD Accredited)  


Personal Development 




Skills & Techniques 


Business Advice & Guidance 




Future You 

Goal Setting & Measurements 

Effective Feedback for Mastering & Change 

Deeper Level of Learning

Building Personal Awareness

Additional Support for Improving Specific Skills

Dates for Camden after Masterclass 5:30pm onwards

Wednesday 15th March Booked 

Sunday 19th March Available 

Wednesday 22nd March Available 

Saturday 25th March Booked 

Wednesday 29th March Available  

Wednesday 12th April Available 

Sunday 16th April Booked 

Wednesday 19th April Available 

Saturday 22nd April Available 

Wednesday 26th April Available 

Saturday 29th April Booked 

Online Coaching - confirmed separately with Calendar check from both parties 

Currently booking from April 1st to 11th 

Pricing as follows


£35 per hour 

Payment via Bank Transfer to Film Actors Academy Ltd or Credit Card option available on request

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